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Pending home sales are going down very early in the year for the first time in a few years, but not because of lack of buyers, but because of lack of inventory. Not as many people are selling their homes than there are buying homes. Homes sales are going down in every region at a national average of 3.3%. This, again could be fixed with more inventory.

This chart shows the Distressed Property sales throughout the last five years. As you can see, it has been dramatically dropping down to as much as 5%. This effects home prices by bringing them up. The lack in inventory is being made up in home prices going up. Prices are going up at an average of 6% across the nation. According to the association of realtors, in most of the country the seller

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This image show the variation in market prices throughout yearly changes. Divided by states, this allows you to see exactly how much the market has changes since the last year. For example you can see that most states had a change as much as over 3%. Over the course of the country the increase is an average of about 6%, which is a dramatic jump from the historic norm of about 3.6%. this chart helps focus on each region to show how each area specifically changed.Using the MLS system you are able to specify this number by your own market. Seeing these increases, and more areas being increased by the month, if you are thinking about buying a new house or a second property, now is the time to do so before prices increase even more. The states where sales are…
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The average number of days houses are typically on the market is now about 34 days. With this chart you are able to see what range your region is in. Also, making sure to check up on your current market, making sure you know what kinds of houses are being sold in these areas affecting how long they are on the market for. This is because of the amount of buyers there is for one house. The market is being affected by the lack of sellers in the market and the increase of buyers in the market. You can read more about this here.


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Did you take a Spring Walk through the Perennial, White and Pond gardens at Snug Harbor or the walk to Explore Richmond Town Old Mills or the Richard Buegler 10-Mile Greenbelt Walk this past weekend? Or did you bring Mom to the Flora/Fauna/Feathers of Richmond County art exhibit at the Conference House (which continues through 8/17) or the Third Annual Island of Art Juried Exhibition at St. John’s University (continuing through 5/27) or Emergence at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum (which officially opens on Sunday, 5/21 from 2-5)?  Whatever you did in this hit-or-miss-weather-weekend—rain, wind,sun, wind, at least there were no surprise snow storms!


Calling all creative fiction writers! Do you want to learn to develop memorable characters that leap

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Were you able to dispose of your harmful household products last weekend at the DSNY Disposal Event? Did you Help Build Up the Callaloo Patch Community Garden on York Ave. and build some bird feeders and bird houses? Or did you attend the First Restaurant Crawl and Street Festival on Forest Ave.  I bet the food was yummy. 

I want to wish all you Mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, adoptive Mothers who have stepped in for birth mothers, step-Mothers, godmothers, aunts, sisters, women who were mentors to children, friends, neighbors who have kept an eye out for the safety and betterment of children a fantastic MOTHER’S DAY on Sunday, May 14.  I know from experience, it is not an easy “profession”.  Just because your child has grown up, you still

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Did you become one with nature this week?  Did you receive a FREE Rain Barrel at Snug Harbor or go on the Bird and Nature Walk on Wednesday, join the St. Francis Catholic Singles on a Hike through the Greenbelt, take a kayak tour of Fresh Kills, start seedlings on your window sill, or visit Jay Weichun’s site: to see how gardeners on Staten Island enjoy their hobby?  Or did you attend the Integrated Pest Management workshop on Thursday? 

I attended the workshop at the Joe Holzka Community Garden on Castleton Ave. and Barker St. which was hosted by the Parks Dept. and attended by people from community and personal gardens.  It was very informative describing all kinds of pests such as aphids, whiteflies, slugs

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Did you attend the Stapleton Library session last Wednesday, “Growing Healthy Eaters”?  This is a 6-session series to educate young children and their caregivers about the importance of eating well through a series of interactive, entertaining and delicious sessions.  Visit the Library at 132 Canal St. or call 718-727-0427 to attend on Wednesday at 4 and for more info. 

Staten Island is a great place to grow vegetables, and the presentation by Jay Weichun "Growing Food on Staten Island" yesterday at the College of Staten Island was proof.  He spent five years documenting and interviewing home gardeners from different backgrounds and nationalities throughout the Island. Convinced that home vegetable gardens are a means of understanding Staten Island and

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Who among you, my gentle readers, were able to meet with Mayor Bill de Blasio this past week?  Did you express your concerns to him and his staff of commissioners about issues you may have?  Were you satisfied with the Mayor’s response?

Recently, I encountered a Department of Sanitation street sweeper coming down a nearby street and was in awe along with other residents on the street.  I have only seen street sweepers in Brooklyn, never on the Island. This particularly street is filled with potholes, broken pavement and an actual crater; I would prefer to see these streets repaired first!  Did you know that you can report any problem you may have to New York City’s "311" Complaint Line?  I have kvetched about that particular crater many times and also

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If you know one thing about me, my gentle readers, it is that I frequent thrift stores—Nothing New Thrift, Bay Street Thrift, the Salvation Army, Marie’s Two Timer to name a few.  I’ve been known to find antique jewelry or clothes with price tags affixed and never worn or designer pocketbooks barely used.  I don’t particularly relish shopping at the Mall or stores where a dirt-cheap bargain isn’t an everyday occurrence. My daughter-in-law introduced me to Rent-the-Runway clearance sales and high end design house sales where I have snatched designer clothes, accessories, jewelry that were so cheap that I’m almost embarrassed to admit it—almost!  The thrill is in swapping clothes, shoes, knick-knacks with friends, garage sales, estate sales and recycling.

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Did you know that two ring-tailed lemurs, an endangered species native to the island of Madagascar in Africa, were born to different mothers this week at the Staten Island Zoo?  Every day, there is something new and wonderful to discover at the Zoo.  Plan your trip soon and experience this wild animal exhibit close up and participate in many different, exciting events throughout the year.  Admission is as follows: Children 2 and under – FREE, Children 3-14 - $6, Seniors (60 and over) - $7, Adults 15-59 - $10.  After 2:00 on Wednesday, admission if FREE for all.  Check out their website or call 718-442-3100 for info. The Zoo is located at 614 Broadway, directly across from the YMCA.

Need a dress for the prom?  The Nothing New

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