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Have you been coping with the cold, wind, snow and icy rain that hit the Northeast and especially Staten Island in the last couple of weeks.  Staten Island Chuck predicts 6 more weeks till Spring.  I think I’ll rely on our favorite prognosticator for a brighter, warmer future.  So tell me what you have been doing to entertain your children and/or yourselves?  Did you participate in “Drawing from Memory”?  Did you take your honey dancing at the Old Bermuda Inn or enjoy Super Bowl Sunday?  http://www.gillanihomes.com/blog/weekend-events-on-staten-island-130-21.html.  Did you encounter any angels as I did to help with snow shoveling?  http://www.gillanihomes.com/blog/winter-snow-ice-and-sleet-sno-fun-part-ii.html 

As a youth, my large extended family

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Move over Brooklyn and Manhattan, word on the street is that Staten Island is becoming "the next frontier!"  

According to this months issue of Staten Island Business Trends, all of the "exciting, large-scale projects on the horizon for all parts of the island" are putting Staten Island back on the map! Not only are these projects going to relive us of our unfortunate nickname as "The Forgotten Borough," but they're going to bring economic prosperity to our little island in the form of millions.

This photo was taken directly from the NewYorkWheel.org website. It shows what the wheel (and it surroundings) will look like when the project is completed.

The first, and probably most talked about, is The New York Wheel/Empire Outlets project. For

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A pair of bald eagles were spotted gathering materials to build a nest on an unused dock last month. According to the National Audubon Society, these eagles are the first to inhabit New York City in over 100 years.

Audubon also reports that only about 170 breeding pairs of bald eagles live in the entirety of New York State. The eagle population was nearly depleted due to the use of the pesticide DDT. But the ban of the harmful chemical in the 1970s, the bird population has been on the incline.

This nesting pair is not the only bald eagle sighting our borough has had recently. Last year, a couple of bald eagles were seen near Prince's Bay. Experts predict that since the population has been increasing, this could be just the beginning of a new

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Start counting down! After much delay, the Ocean Breeze Track and Field Athletic Complex is set to open soon.

The Parks Department announced that the complex is scheduled for "substantial completion" at the end of March, and should be ready for the public by early April. The sleek, glass-walled, 135,000 sq. ft. structure located on Father Capodanno Boulevard in South Beach will hold 2,500 spectators. The building will contain track, cardio, and fitness rooms, as well as a covered parking lot and surrounding landscape.

The $93 million construction project saw delays due to Hurricane Sandy, and the discovery that many concrete pilings were not strong enough to support the weight of the building.

[Photo source: silive.com]

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As Staten Islanders, we often believe this preconceived idea that we need to leave the island in order to gain any kind of enriching cultural experience. However, we might be missing the action happening right under our noses.

To combat this notion, Staten Island multicultural collective "Isla" is hosting its fourth dance party this Saturday. The event will feature Nani Castle, hip hop artist/dancer, and will serve as the launch of her "Amethyst Mixtape" made in collaboration with fellow musician Udachi. There will be several other performances from local DJs and musicians to keep the party moving.

Giovanna Dupree, event organizer for Isla, feels it's important for residents to know about and to celebrate our local culture. Dupree was quoted

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Our friends at KeepingCurrentMatters.com, (KCM), have provided us with beautiful infographics that give you 15 reasons why owning a home is a much better choice than renting one! And, millennial's, this is your time!

By owning a home, you invest in yourself, your family, your community, and your future.

When you own your own home, you're part of a community. You'll feel more inspired to lend a helping hand where it's needed to make the community a better place to live for you and your neighbors! 

Owning a home means space for growth. You have enough room to do just about anything, including starting a family!

You get to choose the neighborhood you want your children to grow up in. That includes selecting the appropriate school

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According to an article published by the Staten Island Advance today, there has been a recent scamming trend going on involving renters who find their listings online. 

According to this photo found on SILIVE.COM, "an alleged real estate scammer is asking a potential renter to wire a security deposit to his secretary."

There are so many places on the internet where you can find local listings for houses and apartments available for sale/rent. On certain websites, such as Craigslist, natural instinct might tell you to be careful from the jump, checking all facts and sources before agreeing to send anyone any money. But, what if you were getting scammed by a hacker on a reliable real estate website? The Staten Island Advance gave us the scenario:

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Last week, I was kvetching about shoveling snow and how I was looking for angels to help me clear my sidewalks and driveway.  You will recall how three entrepreneurial New Brighton teenagers were mentioned in a Staten Island Advance article.  Instead of hanging out watching TV or playing video games and being unproductive, these three teens hit the streets and started shoveling.  http://www.gillanihomes.com/blog/winter-and-snowsno-fun.html 

Well, today was another nasty Monday morning that greeted the Northeast with snow and sleet.  I quickly shoveled the sidewalk when I realized that maybe it was not a good idea as the icy rain continued.  Would it become more hazardous to walk on if I shoveled and it continued to rain?  Since my Sweathogs training

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