Allergy Alert - NYC Area in a 'Pollen Vortex'

Posted by on Monday, May 11th, 2015 at 11:12am

First came the 'polar vortex' over the winter, now this spring we've entered what's being called a 'pollen vortex.' Perhaps you've noticed a layer of green dust covering your car?

Since the cold weather overstayed its welcome, we got a late start to the spring season. Now that temperatures are steadily climbing, trees, grass, and flowers are reproducing rapidly, which is causing the release of allergens into the air in large amounts. Allergy sufferers are surely feeling the effects of this pollen onslaught, and even people who normally aren't affected by allergies are reporting slight symptoms.

There are a few ways to combat the dreadful effects of allergies. Over-the-counter allergy medicines are most popular, like Claritin or Zyrtec which do not induce drowsiness, and Benadryl before bed can help clear you up for a good night's sleep. Other home remedies such as drinking mint tea for a scratchy throat and applying a cold compress to puffy eyes have been known to work well. Bonus points if you have access to locally-harvested honey, as it contains the very same pollen you're allergic to and will act as a vaccine when your body consumes and metabolizes it.

Best of luck to all of the allergy sufferers out there. Hopefully soon our symptoms will dissipate and the allergen levels outside will even out!

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