S.I. Speed Cameras: Where They Are and What You Should Know

Posted by on Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 12:11pm

The first thing you should know is, there are now two types of speed cameras- fixed cameras attached to poles, and mobile cameras which are set on top of cars parked in school zones and aim to capture the speed of the unsuspecting.

The second bit of information you may find interesting is, although we may think of these speed cameras as pesky, Staten Island has shown a whopping 55.4% percent drop in speeding since their implementation in June 2014.

The map above shows the locations of various speed cameras around the island. Red marks indicate well-known, fixed-post speed cameras, while blue and yellow dots represent mobile cameras. Since the position of mobile cameras may change over the course of time, here are the exact locations of the fixed cameras:

  • Goethals Rd North at Jules Drive - near P.S. 55
  • Midland Ave at Mason Ave - near P.S. 38
  • Hylan Blvd at Tysens Lane
  • Targee Street at Rome Ave - near P.S. 48
  • Page Ave at Hylan Blvd - near P.S. 6
  • Forest Ave at Richmond Ave - near P.S. 22

As you can see, most of the fixed cameras are in school zones, which are designated reduced-speed zones for the safety of children. The overall goal of "speed traps" and reduced speed limits around the city is to decrease the number of auto accidents, injuries, and deaths. Even though driving slowly may put you behind schedule or might just annoy you, we urge you to drive carefully and bear in mind that these laws are in place for a reason.

[Map graphic: silive.com]

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