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If you are a Mom, Aunt, Grandmother or Sister, I hope Mother’s Day was joyful.  If your Mom has passed, it can be a sad day remembering the many good times that you shared with her.  Also, if you have lost a child, your heart breaks when you relive every moment you spent loving that child. Mothers are special, but mothering is a hard job and at times, thankless.  However, when that same child smiles up at you or takes your hand in his, everything becomes so right with the world!  Thank you, my gentle readers—Diane Jakubowski Darconte, Frances Thompson, Dil Gillani, Trish Keogan Treadaway, Judie and Diane Zagajeski and Patricia Joyce for sharing the following photos that honor your moms and/or show you being honored and loved as well.


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How many of you attended the Pink Carpet Affair Girls Nite Out at the NYC Cypher Arts Building on Saturday?  Did you plan your Italian vegetable garden at Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden on Sunday?  Did you celebrate Fat Tuesday at a local pub or eat pancakes at one of the Staten Island churches on Shrove Tuesday? 

I am happy to announce that Spring is on its way, and I look forward to saying “adios” to Winter.  I started my seedling garden in my windowsill with herbs to get a head start this year.  It’s good to get our minds off of boots, heavy coats, long johns and instead think tulips, crocuses (or croci) and warm weather.  How’s that for positive thinking?

Do you know a child between the ages of 5-12 who needs help with his/her

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Have you been coping with the cold, wind, snow and icy rain that hit the Northeast and especially Staten Island in the last couple of weeks.  Staten Island Chuck predicts 6 more weeks till Spring.  I think I’ll rely on our favorite prognosticator for a brighter, warmer future.  So tell me what you have been doing to entertain your children and/or yourselves?  Did you participate in “Drawing from Memory”?  Did you take your honey dancing at the Old Bermuda Inn or enjoy Super Bowl Sunday?  http://www.gillanihomes.com/blog/weekend-events-on-staten-island-130-21.html.  Did you encounter any angels as I did to help with snow shoveling?  http://www.gillanihomes.com/blog/winter-snow-ice-and-sleet-sno-fun-part-ii.html 

As a youth, my large extended family

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Calling all night owls! Friends of Blue Heron Park will be hosting a series of evening walks to try to spot an owl or two. 

Cliff Hagen, experienced bird-watcher and intermediate school teacher, will be leading the walks through Blue Heron Park, beginning Sunday, January 25th. The trips are planned for 6:30pm-8pm, so as not to interfere with next-morning plans, yet late enough for the sun to have fallen. Hagen will be calling Eastern screech-owls in hopes that, whether territorial or just curious, he'll get an answer.

This should be a unique experience for bird-watchers and lovers of the outdoors. Taking a night walk forces your other four senses to become sharper when sight is limited. 

The walks are scheduled for February 8th and 22nd, and

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If you have not done so already, this is the weekend to plant tulip bulbs!  Yes, if you are planning to list your home with me next spring or you just want to have those tulips, with their burst of color, brighten up your property and neighborhood, start planting now.  The weather will be sunny and warmer than it has been in awhile.On Saturday, 10/25, experience Raptor Day at Blue Heron Park , 222 Poillon Ave. between Amboy Road and Hylan Blvd.  The Friends of Blue Heron Park will sponsor “Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation” a rescue and rehab group for raptors and other animals, and will feature demonstrations and talks to show how these amazing, wild birds adapt to our environment despite their injuries.  Metro Herpetological will also be on

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