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Did you take a Spring Walk through the Perennial, White and Pond gardens at Snug Harbor or the walk to Explore Richmond Town Old Mills or the Richard Buegler 10-Mile Greenbelt Walk this past weekend? Or did you bring Mom to the Flora/Fauna/Feathers of Richmond County art exhibit at the Conference House (which continues through 8/17) or the Third Annual Island of Art Juried Exhibition at St. John’s University (continuing through 5/27) or Emergence at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum (which officially opens on Sunday, 5/21 from 2-5)?  Whatever you did in this hit-or-miss-weather-weekend—rain, wind,sun, wind, at least there were no surprise snow storms!


Calling all creative fiction writers! Do you want to learn to develop memorable characters that leap

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Did you become one with nature this week?  Did you receive a FREE Rain Barrel at Snug Harbor or go on the Bird and Nature Walk on Wednesday, join the St. Francis Catholic Singles on a Hike through the Greenbelt, take a kayak tour of Fresh Kills, start seedlings on your window sill, or visit Jay Weichun’s site: http://www.growingfoodonstatenisland.com/ to see how gardeners on Staten Island enjoy their hobby?  Or did you attend the Integrated Pest Management workshop on Thursday? 

I attended the workshop at the Joe Holzka Community Garden on Castleton Ave. and Barker St. which was hosted by the Parks Dept. and attended by people from community and personal gardens.  It was very informative describing all kinds of pests such as aphids, whiteflies, slugs

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If you know one thing about me, my gentle readers, it is that I frequent thrift stores—Nothing New Thrift, Bay Street Thrift, the Salvation Army, Marie’s Two Timer to name a few.  I’ve been known to find antique jewelry or clothes with price tags affixed and never worn or designer pocketbooks barely used.  I don’t particularly relish shopping at the Mall or stores where a dirt-cheap bargain isn’t an everyday occurrence. My daughter-in-law introduced me to Rent-the-Runway clearance sales and high end design house sales where I have snatched designer clothes, accessories, jewelry that were so cheap that I’m almost embarrassed to admit it—almost!  The thrill is in swapping clothes, shoes, knick-knacks with friends, garage sales, estate sales and recycling.

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Did you know that two ring-tailed lemurs, an endangered species native to the island of Madagascar in Africa, were born to different mothers this week at the Staten Island Zoo?  Every day, there is something new and wonderful to discover at the Zoo.  Plan your trip soon and experience this wild animal exhibit close up and participate in many different, exciting events throughout the year.  Admission is as follows: Children 2 and under – FREE, Children 3-14 - $6, Seniors (60 and over) - $7, Adults 15-59 - $10.  After 2:00 on Wednesday, admission if FREE for all.  Check out their website www.statenislandzoo.org or call 718-442-3100 for info. The Zoo is located at 614 Broadway, directly across from the YMCA.

Need a dress for the prom?  The Nothing New

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Did you take a moment to pray for the six people who were killed in the bombing and terrorist attack of the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993?  More than 1,000 people were injured in the truck bomb explosion in the basement level parking garage.  This was, at the time, the deadliest act of terrorism on United States soil.  My brother, Mark, was working that day and ran down many flights of stairs to safety.  I will never forget what an impact this had on him and our family and how he was one of the lucky ones.  Little did any of us know that this was a prelude to the terrorist attacks at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, Shanksville, PA and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 killing over 2,900 people.  Mark was working nearby and again was

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How many of you, my gentle readers, attended the workshop on Friday regarding your Notice of Property Value and possible homeowner tax exemptions?  If you were not able to attend, there will be another meeting with the Department of Finance on Wednesday, 2/22 from 6-8 at the Lou Caravone Community Service Bldg., 460 Brielle Ave.  Bring a copy of your Notice of Property Value or download a copy at nyc.gov/finance.  For further details, visit http://www1.nyc.gov/site/finance/taxes/notice-of-property-value.page. Your market values may go up and down but your taxes will always increase.  However, you may receive a tax exemption if you are Disabled, a Senior Citizen or a Veteran.  Check out the website, call 311 for info or email: nyc.gov/dofcorrespondence. 

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Do you know how to relax?  My mother was a hard worker, kept a clean house, was on top of her ironing and household chores but knew how to relax.  She would find a quiet corner either on the porch or in the house, would prop her feet up and read a book (usually a murder mystery) sometimes for hours. 

My mother was the wife of a detective, and I think that sleuth gene rubbed off on her. She had to unearth every last detail of a story (she was reading or listening to) to come to a satisfactory conclusion. I often wonder if she would have grasped the Facebook craze and spend hours reading other peoples stories.  What do you do to relax?  Meditate? Walk? Yoga?  Knit?  Read?  Dance? Hiking? Work out at the gym?  Pet your cat? Walk your dog? Hang out with

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Well, we received another reprieve of two days of 60+ degrees weather.  I put down the convertible top and worked on my winter intake of Vitamin D “the sunshine vitamin”!  I even gave my grandkiddies a ride with the top down.  My grandson was thrilled to be able to see the world of Staten Island so clearly (Uh, oh! Does that mean a future motorcyclist in the family?!) AND he held his little sister’s hand as he pointed out different things on her side and then his side of the car. We visited the playground at Bloomingdale Park, and it was packed!  It was so glorious to have some sun and heat in January without flying to Florida.

Did you take the winter walk through Willowbrook Park with the Protectors of Pine Oak Woods on Saturday?  One of my

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I pray, my gentle readers, that your New Year’s Eve celebrations were enjoyable and shared with people you love and care about.  I attended a party (the first in many years) and had fun with my family and friends of the hosts and watching the children of different ages entertaining each other.  It was wholesome, and most of us lasted till midnight. 








It is always emotional when the clock strikes midnight as I fight to hide my tears. What will my life be like and that of my family? Who will be around, who won’t? Our family will have a wedding in May and a birth in June, so those are two blessed events.  I predict 2017 will be great and I will only think pleasant, positive thoughts!  Will you make resolutions,

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