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The long-awaited Ocean Breeze Track and Field Complex near South Beach could be subject to the same membership fees as other Parks Department facilities. 

The proposed annual membership fees are as follows:
•Children age 17 and under - Free
•Young Adults ages 18-24 - $25
• Adults ages 25-61 - $100
• Seniors age 62 and older - $25

Members gain access to the track and field areas of the complex, fitness rooms, and regularly scheduled recreational programs. If you feel the need to contest these fees or make your opinion known, there will be a public hearing this Thursday, June 25. Call 212-360-1355 to sign up and attend.

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In my last blog I commented that, like me, many of my readers are watching their budget with some even living pay check to pay check.  To that end, I try to showcase events each week that are free or low cost.  I wrote about a City Harvest presentation at the new Key Food in Port Richmond on Saturday.  Between real estate showings, I took a self-guided grocery store tour.  Stations where set up where you could sample healthy foods; recipes were also available.  The employees were very knowledgeable and showed us how to shop economically and healthily.  After speaking to the City Harvest folks, I discovered I am remiss in reading labels. Where I thought I was buying whole wheat “lite” bread as noted on the front, the back showed that it contained enriched

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 If you missed any of the previous Sneak-Peak tours of the Freshkills Park, you have a chance to participate in one on April 13.  The former landfill and current Freshkills Park will be opened to cyclists as part of the Tour de Staten Island--a 25 mile run and a new extended 40 mile route that takes riders around the entire Island.  Both routes will include the optional 5 mile loop around the Park for the first time during the ride-at-your-own pace event.  If you are thinking that this sounds distasteful--riding a bike through the former landfill--you are sadly mistaken.  
The Freshkills Park, which is usually closed to the public, had its fourth annual Sneak Peak event in September 2013.  I attended with my son, daughter-in-law and two-year old…
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