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If you know one thing about me, my gentle readers, it is that I frequent thrift stores—Nothing New Thrift, Bay Street Thrift, the Salvation Army, Marie’s Two Timer to name a few.  I’ve been known to find antique jewelry or clothes with price tags affixed and never worn or designer pocketbooks barely used.  I don’t particularly relish shopping at the Mall or stores where a dirt-cheap bargain isn’t an everyday occurrence. My daughter-in-law introduced me to Rent-the-Runway clearance sales and high end design house sales where I have snatched designer clothes, accessories, jewelry that were so cheap that I’m almost embarrassed to admit it—almost!  The thrill is in swapping clothes, shoes, knick-knacks with friends, garage sales, estate sales and recycling.

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My grandson’s Topsy-Turvy strawberry planter is growing beautifully in my front yard and the water recycling barrels are starting to fill up (thanks to a couple of rainfalls this week).  My garlic, chive and sage plants are doing great.

Did you celebrate Earth Day at the St. George Day Festival or listen to Tales from Shakespeare with Staten Island OutLOUD at Every Thing Goes Book Café?  Did you take a Walking Tour of Historic Westerleigh, visit the juried photo exhibit at Alice Austen House Museum or learn about the art and language of cinema at the Staten Island Creative Community?  As I gathered together with family on Sunday, observing the interaction, silliness and smiles and enjoying each other’s company, my brother quoted someone very wise, “

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Thanks to all our friends/customers/clients for stopping by at the Gillani Homes booth at “Back to the Beach” on Saturday and Sunday!  The bands played at both ends, there were many booths and many new attractions.  I had a blast making new friends.  One of my gentle readers and a friend, Susan, crossed off the Family Camping Staten Island from her bucket list.  She had a great time but was uncomfortable sleeping on rocks!  How did those cowboys do it on the range?  How do you “campers” keep comfortable in your sleeping bags?  Any hints would be appreciated. You still have time to get in on the adventure.  Visit: www.nyc.gov/parks/rangers/register.

I want to congratulate the Liedy family and Liedy’s Shore Inn, 748 Richmond Terrace, New Brighton, on its

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Did you enjoy “In the Heights” at Port Richmond High School?  Have you planted a fruit tree in your yard yet?  How did you celebrate “Cinco de Mayo”?  What exciting events did you attend this past week?  I am excited about the warm weather teasing me every few days and the cool nights at bedtime.  My azaleas bloomed overnight.  You can hear me singing, “These are a few of my favorite things…” in the garden as I pull weeds.  Life is grand!

Do you cringe or begin to sweat when you are asked to speak in public?  Working in Corporate Real Estate for many years, I interacted with landlords and tenants and corporate types on an everyday basis.  Sometimes I questioned whether I was an effective speaker.  I took a Dale Carnegie course where each attendee had

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Started working on my garden which I’m happy to say is blooming nicely. 

Have you signed up for one of the Community Gardens in your neighborhood?  Did you attend the 2015 Daffodil Festival in Faber Park or participate in the Forest Restoration at High Rock?   Did you make any new friends this week or learn a new skill? 

On Saturday, 4/25 at 1:00, come out and join Red Storm Drum & Dance Troupe in celebrating Native American Culture at the new Heritage Park, Blissenbach Marina, Richmond Terrace.  There will be plenty of traditional story telling and audience participation.  A teepee and artifacts from Staten Island will be on site.

Also on Saturday from 11-6, help celebrate Earth Day at St. George Day in Tompkinsville Park at the intersection

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As the snow has melted this week, it brings to mind that spring and summer will soon arrive.  Have your teens started thinking about time off from school and hanging out with their friends OR perhaps obtaining a summer job?  Staten Island teens and young adults, ages 14-24, can now apply for summer jobs through the 2015 Summer Youth Employment Program. This program will provide young people with PAID summer employment for up to six weeks during July and August in a variety of entry level jobs.  Applicants must be able to provide working papers if under 18 as well as ID and documents.  Programs for disabled, foster care, runaway/homeless and court-involved youth are also available.  Contact DYCD Youth Connect at 1-800-246-4646 or e-mail

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How many of you went to the first performance of the Historic Richmond Town Tavern Concert Series?  I can confirm that it was a delightful evening around the wood burning stove singing along with Bob Conroy, Norm Pederson and Bill Doerge.  You can join in on the fun this Saturday with “Stout”. Believe me when I say you will forget how cold it is outside; order some hot mulled cider, wine or cold beer, nibble on peanuts and be glad you left your abode.  It continues every Saturday through 3/28.  Put it on your favorite list of things to do on Saturday night.  Call 718-351-1611 for reservations and info or visit online: http://www.historicrichmondtown.org/tavern-concerts 

If you are in need of a New York City ID card, IDNYC has made available beginning

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Have you made any New Year resolutions?  As a real estate broker, each year I resolve to work harder, list and sell more real estate properties, become more organized in my every day life, spend more time with my family, become more tolerant and make more money.  As you all know, money isn’t everything.  Life becomes easier, but it does not solve all our problems. An important part of identifying and stating your goals should be to write it down on a piece of paper.  Also, an important part of your goals, i.e. starting that diet, returning to the gym, stop smoking, is to verbalize it.  Each year, I type in bold print, FULL CAPS, my goals for the New Year.  This Monday 1/5 at 9:30 a.m., I will begin the Sweathogs training program at the Staten Island Board

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I hope you had a happy, healthy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and enjoyed family and friends and maybe even started new traditions.  Maybe you volunteered by distributing presents to seniors at nursing homes or at hospitals in the pediatric units or served dinner at a community kitchen.  A group of my friends, who sing carols at Silver Lake Nursing Home each year, returned once again last Saturday.  Instead of singing only in the dining room, we visited the day room on each floor and were able to engage the residents in sing alongs.  I felt like we touched each resident, but, in reality, we were touched when many smiled, loudly sang along and thanked us when we left.  It took all I had to hold back the tears.  

To keep the holiday spirit in your

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Before I tell you about the events of the weekend, let me remind you that Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend.  You should turn your clocks back an hour before you retire on Saturday night.  Your Smart Phones will automatically adjust the time.  If you don’t want to be late or miss the events on Sunday, remember to adjust your clocks.  Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.  My alarm started beeping a few weeks ago so I’m ready for anything! Halloween is on Friday, 10/31, and I’m ready for Trick or Treat from the neighborhood kiddies!  However, I would like to share what three dentists on Staten Island are sponsoring--a Halloween Candy Buyback.  The dentists noted below will buy back candy at $1 a

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