Tiny Houses Springing Up Across the Nation

Posted by on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 at 12:47pm

Tiny, studio apartment-sized houses are becoming more and more popular across the Midwest and West Coast. Will they ever catch on in our neck of the woods?

One company, Shelter Wise of Portland, Oregon, manufactured a 96 sq. foot home with all the comforts of a regular sized house, including room for a queen-sized bed, built-in bookshelves, a bathroom, and a kitchen area. In other cases, people are designing and building these homes themselves out of small sheds, or re-purposing large vehicles such as school buses or vans. These compact homes tend to be very innovative, making use of every inch of space with shelves, seats, and other hidden amenities. The real reason for the trend taking hold, however, has to be money. The pre-made homes start at around $20,000 to purchase, and could save the owner tons in utility bills.

In our city, it's not uncommon for living space to be tight. But could these compact homes ever take off around here? While it may not be exactly comfortable, there is a certain novelty to this type of living, and if New Yorkers are known for anything, it's always being on top of the latest trends.

[Photo source: tinyhousedesign.com]

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