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Would you like to share with my gentle readers any events you participated in this week?  How many of you went to the movies?  Can you recommend the ones you saw?  “Star Wars” is on the list of things for me to do this weekend.  I hope I’m not disappointed, or confused.  Hey!  It’s been a few years since the last one was released.  On the Staten Island Memories Facebook page, the question was posed:  Who remembers banging pots and pans together outside in the freezing cold on New Year’s Eve?  One hundred and sixty seven people commented.  Many people said they still do it, as do their kids and grandkids.  Some people thought it was only a Staten Island “thing” but were proved wrong. “Raleigh, NC, California, NJ, Brooklyn hallways in the apartment building and senior developments” were some of the areas where people claimed they bang. One woman from Georgia said, “They’re shooting guns out here and my odds are better indoors.  Lol.”  Another said, “Grandma used to get the broom and sweep the old year out the back door.” Another responded, “We also broke old dishes!”  A woman said, “When my husband was alive, the miniature cannon was shot off in Rosebank.”  Some people ring cow bells or set off car alarms. I have to admit that I would have been embarrassed to admit I still bang pots and pans, but the conversation continues today.  What kind of New Year’s Eve custom do you take part in?  If you have photos to prove it, I’d love to post them.  How about it folks? 

This is a repost from last week:  How do you get rid of old electronics?  The Sanitation Department has a waste drop-off at 1000 West Service Rd. in Travis at the foot of Muldoon Ave. off the Muldoon Ave. exit of the West Shore Expressway.  The site will be open every Saturday and on the last Friday of the month from 10-5.  Year-round disposal can be done at any Goodwill, Staples, Best Buy or Salvation Army.  On Saturday, 1/9, the College of Staten Island, 2800 Victory Blvd., Parking Lot 6, will host an electronic waste recycling event from 10-4.  For more info, visit lesecologycenter.org or call 212-477-4022.  Don’t leave the old computers and huge TV’s hidden in the basement or garage for another year, especially if you are contemplating selling your house or moving.   

The January meeting of the Staten Island Geological Society will feature a presentation on “Man-made Minerals” by John Sanfaçon from the Morris Museum Mineralogical Society on Friday 1/8 at 7:30 at St. Clare's School, 151 Lindenwood Rd. The meeting is FREE and open to the public. For further information, call 718-981-5786. 

The Weird Science Fair takes place on Saturday, 1/9 from 2-4 at Clay Pit Pond State Park, 2351 Veteran’s Rd. West.  Bring your favorite science exhibit or try out some of theirs.  Admission is FREE and good for children ages 7-12.  Call 718-605-3970 for info. 

Attend the La Befana Party for Children Saturday at 2 at the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, 420 Tompkins Ave.  Children will enjoy the storytelling of the legendary "La Befana" along with games, face-painting and refreshments. Reservations are required. Call the Museum at 718-442-1608. 

The opening reception for "Random" Featured Photographer: Richard Xuereb is Saturday from 5-8 at the CPG Gallery (Creative Photographers' Guild), 814 Richmond Terr.  Exhibit continues to 2/14.  Exhibiting Photographers: Richard Capuozzo, Willie Chu, Bruce Cohn, Joyce Coletti, Connie J. Frisch-Cherniak, Robin George, Robert Haber, Marilyn Kiss, Gail Middleton, Paul Nueckel, George Roos, Virginia Ross, Joan Velazquez, Fritz (Steven) Weiss, Richard Xuerub. Admission is FREE.  Call 718-288-2405 or visit http://www.cpggallery.org for more info.

Bring yourself and your friends to the Fab Beatles Brunch with Love Me Duo (the Beatles Tribute Band) on Sunday, 1/10 at noon at Lacey's Bridge Tavern, 75 Innis St. Call 718-273-7514 for info.

The Dinosaur Skull Replica Exhibit continues at the Richmondtown Public Library, 200 Clark Ave.  You will see twenty skulls altogether--Triceratops, T-Rex and others during regular library hours.  Bring your dinosaur-loving kiddies!

If you would like to post photos of you at events this week, send them to me and I will share with my gentle readers.  You can call me at 646-258-9696, leave a comment below or e-mail me at joan.coogan@gmail.com

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