Would you like to live in one of the friendliest neighborhoods in NYC?

"It's the kind of community where  neighbors  come by to introduce themselves to newcomers," stated a new resident.

The name Manor Heights comes from Manor Road, which surrounds and runs through the center of the neighborhood. Heights comes from the elevation of the neighborhood. The highest point of Manor Heights is 408.1 feet, which is just shy of 1.7 feet from Todt Hill of South Maine, which is 409.8 feet high. In the winter time, when the trees are bare, you  can  see a view far into New Jersey.

Manor Heights is hilly and has a  low  population  density.  It is greener than other parts of Staten Island. The neighborhood is primarily made up of one- and two-family houses.…

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Staten Island is the most suburban of New York City's boroughs, which means there is always demand for Staten Island real estate. This demand provided Staten Island with a cushion during the housing collapse as evidenced by the fact home prices are down only 11.9 percent from the peak of the crash, which is significantly less than the drop in housing values other areas of the country experienced. Those who chose to buy a home on Staten Island can rest assured their home will likely maintain its value and appreciate in the years to come.

Currently, the average listing price of Staten Island homes is $475,905 and the median sales price is $375,000, which is an increase of 1.3 percent as compared to last year at this time. The recent price trends of Staten…

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Staten Island,  one  of New York City's five boroughs, has a long history and community of Italian  culture.  Italian immigrants making their way to America found a haven on Staten Island and combined their heritage  from  the Old World with their  adopted New World home.  Today,  Staten  Island has a thriving and  close-knit  Italian community  that  still  maintains many  old  structures in homage to Italy. Among  these  is the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum; an unassuming building that houses many Italian-American treasures and pieces of history. When staying on Staten Island, taking advantage of the special museum is a wonderful way to learn about the history of Italian-Americans and the struggles they encountered  on  their journey to the New World.

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Located at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the Staten Island Children's Museum offers a wide variety of summer activities, as well as affordable summer camp programs. When children visit the museum, they're able to become involved in interactive exhibits enabling them to explore creativity, engage themselves in a learning environment, and have fun with their peers.

Some of the exhibits feature nature, as well as the ability to explore different types of homes. Children can use their imaginations by pretending to be a pirate or a firefighter, among a number of other things. The explorer in every child shines through as children venture through the exhibits and participate in the various hands-on workshops. Children not only make educational…

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The allure of buying a multi-family home on Staten Island so you can live in one unit and then rent out the rest so you have enough money to pay your mortgage payment can be difficult to resist. Many people just look at the current monthly rental rates for Staten Island apartments and townhomes, which range from $1,200 to $14,750, and think, "Wow, at those rates, I can pay my mortgage and make a profit." If, you do your homework and manage the property well, you might be able to own an income generating property. Another advantage of buying a multi-family home on Staten Island is that when you are ready to move to a larger home, you can just rent your unit and keep the multi-family home as an investment property. 

Do Your Homework before Buying a…

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