Following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Bluebelt will be expanded in the Oakwood Beach area. It was announced by Senator Schumer on Thursday that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the project to minimize flooding caused by storms like Sandy. 

The expansion, formally known as the Creek West Branch project, will address wetland rehabilitation and flood management in the area, which is prone to flooding. The Bluebelt is a crucial part of Staten Island's storm water management system and currently services one third of the Island. 

"The tremendous damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy to both inland and shoreline areas in Staten Island made it crystal clear that we need to enhance our flood mitigation and sewer capacity measures…

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More than 4 million Americans buy a home each year, but many offers are discarded along the way. Since the real estate market has bounced back in various regions of the country, buyers are facing considerable competition. Of course, the best way to get the home you want is to offer the most money, but there are other ways to make your bid stand out among the rest. Two top real estate agents have given some tips on how to make your offer come out on top.

The key to making your offer heard is by calming the seller's fears. Seller's main concern in the selling process is the risk of a deal falling through. It's important to have your financing in order before submitting an offer. Make sure the lender checks your credit, assets, and employment status before…

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It has just been announced by the Governor's office that, under a new State program, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to receive the proper training needed for emergencies or disasters.  The Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Program will equip residents with the tools and resources to prepare for emergencies and disasters, respond accordingly and recover as quickly as possible to pre-disaster conditions.  

Citizen Preparedness training will provide an introduction to responding to disasters, including developing a family emergency plan and stocking up on emergency supplies.  A response kit containing batteries, face masks, food bars, water bottles and a first aid kit will be distributed at the initial two-hour training session which will be held…

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Last night, the Gillani Homes family had the privilege of being present at a very special event honoring Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis. The Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church held its annual gala at the Vanderbilt at South Beach, where it lauded the assembly woman for her stellar efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

Dil Gillani Broker/Owner of Gilani Homes and his wife Jasmine raved about the evening, Dil said- " It was nice to be present at this great event organized by such hard working people to honor Nicole. She is an amazing young lady who has done so much for this community."

Rev. Proropresbyter  Nicholas P. Petrooulako said- "She had been on the streets before the storm was even over- she had literally rolled up her sleeves and gone…

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Project Hospitality, Staten Island's largest social agency, is looking for volunteers this monday to conduct a count of the homeless.

The Homeless Outreach Population Estimate, or HOPE count, aims to estimate the number of homeless living within the five boroughs. It also provides a rough figure of how many homeless are not accessing shelters or other services available. The data collected will also help the department determine the best allocation of funds. 

Volunteers are especially needed on the south and east shores of Staten Island to search for homeless who may have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy. While the homeless rate on Staten Island has not grown as much as the other boroughs, 279 new beds were filled as a result of Sandy.


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A year ago, I received a letter from the DEP "inviting" me to purchase insurance to cover the cost of repair to the aging sewer and water lines that exist on Staten Island. I mulled it over, held on to the letter for a number of months and eventually sent it to the circular file.  

Recently, I again received the same letter from the DEP urging me to purchase said insurance which is being offered by American Water Resources.  Only 14% of all Staten Island homeowners have signed up for this program. Of the City's estimated 600,000 homeowners, only 103,021 homeowners have enrolled.

The cost is $4.49 a month for the water line protection and $7.99 a month for the sewer line protection. There are exclusions, naturally, to the insurance coverage.  The…

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How many of you made resolutions for the new year 2014 to get in shape, to feel young again? How many of you feel OLD?  Around Staten Island there are a multitude of sites to help you keep your resolutions.  Silver Lake Park on the North Shore of Staten Island is perfect at any time of the day. The sun rise and sun set on the water and throughout the park is breathtaking. Bloomingdale Park on the South Shore boasts scenic trails, a great play area for the children and a dog run for the pooches among other features.  Snug Harbor is a gem--the Botanical Garden, the Art Lab, galleries, the Children's Museum, the duck, fish and goose pond where you can sit and meditate. The boardwalk at South Beach is a perfect place to walk, run, meet people and breathe in…

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Deer have been spotted all over Staten Island over the past few years. First in the more wooded areas of the South Shore near the Charleston shopping center, then down in Prince's Bay by Mount Loretto. Recently, they've  been found as far north as South Beach and even up high in Todt Hill!

The abundance of deer has been a heated debate topic among islanders. Many accidents have been caused by deer unexpectedly darting out onto the roads. Others worry about the effects overpopulation would have on the environment and the possibility of deer carried diseases spreading to humans. 

The question remains- How do we control the deer population in the most humane and efficient way? Birth control may be the answer. This idea is not without it's challenges.…

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An additional $700 Million of federal funds will be allocated to the Build It Back program which has done wonders for Staten Islander's hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. The funding comes from the 1.4 billion dollars the city was awarded for community devlopment. According to The Staten Island Advance, the breakdown is as follow- "Slightly more than $1 Billion will go towards housing- the bulk of it, $716 million, to rebuilding or repairing one to four family homes through Build it Back."

According to the city, the funds set aside for home repairs should be enough to cover damages incurred by "priority one" homeowners. The residual should cover some reimbursement to "priority two" homeowners. Even still, the city expects to see more money funded into the…

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According to Curbed NY, St. George has been named the best neighborhood in New York City.  Its close proximity to Manhattan and famously orange Staten Island Ferry boat make St. George a gateway to the rest of the city.  The win was an upset, beating out favorites like Greenpoint, Brooklyn for the title. With major developments happening throughout the area it’s easy to see why St. George is so worthy of the top prize. Here is a look at the projects underway which will be completed over the next few years.

A 625 foot Ferris wheel, dubbed the New York wheel, is set for construction in Saint George. Like the famous London Eye, the NY wheel will serve as an observation attraction for tourists and residents alike. Offering stunning views of the New York Bay…

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