If you missed any of the previous Sneak-Peak tours of the Freshkills Park, you have a chance to participate in one on April 13.  The former landfill and current Freshkills Park will be opened to cyclists as part of the Tour de Staten Island--a 25 mile run and a new extended 40 mile route that takes riders around the entire Island.  Both routes will include the optional 5 mile loop around the Park for the first time during the ride-at-your-own pace event.  If you are thinking that this sounds distasteful--riding a bike through the former landfill--you are sadly mistaken.  
The Freshkills Park, which is usually closed to the public, had its fourth annual Sneak Peak event in September 2013.  I attended with my son, daughter-in-law and two-year old…

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If you are in the real estate business or if you are buying or selling a home, you know exactly what “curb appeal” is.   If you are not any of the aforementioned type of folks, the expression is self-explanatory.   

When you drive through your neighborhood, some properties are adorned with shrubbery, trees, plants, flowers, hedges, chain link fences, white PVC fences, American flags, gnomes, all year round wreaths on the door, pavers, brick or stone walls.  As real estate professionals, we advise our clients, when listing their property, what should be looked at by a “different set of eyes” inside and outside of their homes.   


One of the first things I do after the contract signing is ask the client if they have any questions or concerns…

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In January of 2014, 261 properties sold on Staten Island ranging from roughly $60,000 to $1.3 Million. Below is a breakdown of sales on the North Shore's Bullshead Section by property type with prices in ascending order.


1. 62 Jennifer Place #B- $287,500

2. 160 Dinsmore Street #J- $340,000

One Family Semi Attached

1. 123 Roman Avenue- $385,000

Two Family Semi Attached

1. 52 Oliver Place- $469,999

Two Family Detatched

1. 45 Dawson Court- $510,000

2. 231 Merrill Avenue- $523,000

One Family Detatched

1. 238 Merrill Avenue- $700,000

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A mixed-use devlopment project has been approved for Lighthouse Pointe in St. George. The Federal Transit Administration has given the city control of the three-acre tract between the St. George Post Office & the Ferry Terminal.

The project, which has a budget of $140 million, will be a two-level, 50,000 square foot devlopment featuring retail space, a boutique hotel, and 96 condo units with parking. This area is known for its varied additonal projects including The Empire Outlets and The New York Wheel. 

St. George will boom within the next few years and some believe it will rival areas like Hoboken. If you are intested in moving to an up-and-coming trendy area, it may be the place for you. Click the link below to view listings in St. George.

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Community Board 3 has given its support to the design for a new Conference House Pavillion in Tottenville. The orginal structure which was modled in a 1930's victorian style was demlished in 2012. The new structure will look a bit different but will be engineered to last.

The old pavillion, demolished 2012

According to Parks Director Kevin Quinn, the new plans will make use of an open-air design and ampitheater that plays up sunshine and starlight and makes use of the surrounding area's rolling hills and beachfront water views.

The new 4,200 square foot pavillion has been raised 5 feet in keeping with the area's new flood plain elevations. Basins will also be installed to resolve drainage issues and an easily accesable walkway will be paved. The…

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In January of 2014, 261 properties sold on Staten Island ranging from roughly $60,000 to $1.3 Million. Below is a breakdown of sales on the South Shore's Arden Heights Section by property type with prices in ascending order.

One Family Attached

1. 77 Aspen Knolls Way- $182,000

2. 31 Bianca Court- $224,000

3. 495 Ilyssa Way- $259,900

4. 197 Forest Green- $289,900

5. 131 Carlyle Green- $349,000

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In January of 2014, 261 properties sold on Staten Island ranging from roughly $60,000 to $1.3 Million. Below is a breakdown of sales on the South Shore's Annadale Section by property type with prices in ascending order.

One Family Detached 

1. 298 Green Valley Road- $362,050 

2. 103 South Railroad Street- $470,000

3. 295 Jefferson Boulevard- $637,500

4. 810 Drumgoole Road West- $660,000

One Family Attached

1. 210 Sneden Avenue- $435,000

Two Family Detached 

1. 3 Mosley Avenue- $450,000

2.137 South Railroad Street- $655,000

3. 177 Stafford Avenue- $677,000

4. 21 Jeannette Avenue- $759,000


1. 736 Annadale Road #A- $520,000

2. 736 Annadale Road #B- $520,000






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It is interesting that most people do not know what it means to be a Realtor versus just a real estate salesperson.  Yes, there is a difference.  Everyone engaged in the selling of real estate needs to be licensed in the state they conduct business but not all real estate salespeople are also Realtors.  A Realtor belongs to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which is the largest trade association in the country. As of May 30, 2013 there were 997,148 Realtors in the United States.  Being the largest trade association means that Realtors, as trade association, have a powerful voice in government decision making that can affect you the consumer.  For example, right now the NAR is lobbying hard to keep the mortgage interest deduction; one of the few…

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Flood insurance woes may soon be coming to an end for many Staten Islanders. The United States Senate passed a bill from Rep. Michael Grimm on Thursday which serves to repeal staggering increases in flood insuracne rates. The bill aims to protect homeowners, especially in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy who are still recovering. Now President Obama's signature is all that's needed for the bill to become law. 

At a press conference held Grimm said- "After months of hard work, affordable flood insurance for millions of americans, espcially the Sandy ravaged families in Staten Island and Brooklyn, is finally just a pen-stroke away." 

According to the Staten Island Advance, the senate vote was 72-22 in favor of the bill. 

Senator Charles Schumer said…

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Have you ever met a person who seems to appear everywhere--volunteering at charitable functions, PTA president, selling raffles, participating in neighbohood clean-ups, running soup kitchens, teaching English to new Americans, tutoring students, reading to toddlers, working where needed in hospital settings, comforting hospice patients in their last days plus they take care of their own families, cook dinner, send their kids off to school with lunch in hand all with what seems like no effort.  Their pictures are in the newspapers and you question, "How do they find the time to be so involved?"

These people are busy for a reason.  The word "NO" is not in their vernacular.  Staten Island is honoring six women, pictured below, as the "Women of…

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