Did you visit art venues this week on Staten Island?  One of my gentle readers shared with me that she visited a number of galleries on the Island with her nieces from out of town and was pleasantly surprised.  Did you attend the Borough President’s free concert at Willowbrook Park or watch a Movie under the Stars at Faber Park or attend Boogie Woogie Wednesday?  As the days start to become less humid, the nights cooler, let’s try to enjoy every bit of summer with so many exciting happenings this week (before the kids go back to school!).  As a summer baby, I am overcompensating with activites because I know those cold days of winter, shoveling, shivering and bundling up are right around the corner.

Speaking of dancing. . .Tonight, Friday, 8/28 from…

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There was a lot of dancing going on at the Free concert on Saturday night and so much singing along with the hits from the 50'2 and 60's.  Frank James, The Expressions and Vito Picone and the Elegants entertained the crowd at the Freedom Circle in Midland Beach until late into the evening.  The fireworks display was the topping on the cake.  I was fortunate enough to be in the first row!  (Recognize anyone in picture?)  How is that for royal treatment?  Did you volunteer at the Forest Restoration Workshop at the Egbertville Ravine on Saturday or join in the Stargazing at Great Kills Park?

Here’s your chanceto Build a Birdhouse for your back yardat Clay Pit Pond State Park, 2351 Veteran’s Road West today Wednesday, 8/19 at 4.  For info, call…

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Singing is good for you and your health!  Are you ready for this weekend and the Saturday Doo-Wop Show?  On 8/15, Vito Picone and the Elegants will be singing at the Freedom Circle in Midland Beach.  Opening act will be The Expressions at 6 p.m..  This is a FREE concert.  Bring your lawn chairs, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to sing along and maybe even do a dance or two or three. 

On Sunday, 8/16 at 4, catch the Bruce Springsteen Tribute BandSaints in the City, on the Boardwalk at South Beach.   

Join the Amateur Astronomers Association of NY for Stargazing at Great Kills Park on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at Gateway National Recreation Area at Great Kills Park, Hylan Blvd. at Buffalo St.  No telescope is needed.  Meet at the large parking…

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Did any of you attend or participate in the Frank Sinatra Sound-A-Like Competition last Saturday?  Sam Levine, of Marlboro, NJ, took home first place and a $100 cash prize for his velvety take on "The Way You Look Tonight".  He commented that he has been listening to Sinatra with his dad since he was a teen.  In my family, Mom and Dad were always singing.  Mom liked the golden oldies of her time, Dad sang Cowboy songs.  Both had beautiful voices.  Us young’uns were into musicals and of course 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  My brother sang in a band for many years so he sings everything!  I can still remember my older sister dancing around the living room as a teen singing, “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story.  How many of you have heard a song and it brings you…

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In June of this year there were 3 homes sold in St. George. This is one more than June of lat year, when there were 2. The highest price any home sold for was $585,000, while the lowest was $324,000.

Average Selling Price of homes in St. George: $456,334.

Here are the addresses and the prices they sold for: 

1. 90 Bay Street Landing 7K - $460,000

2. 90 Bay Street Landing 3I - $585,000

3. 26 Carroll Place - $324,000

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In June of 2015, 8 homes were sold in Bulls Head. This is 3 more than June of last year when there were only 5 sold. The highest selling price was $619,000, while the lowest was $220,000.

The average selling price of homes in Bulls Head was approximately $427,325.

Here are the addresses and the prices they sold for: 

1. 395 Hillman Avenue - $515,000

2. 232 Merrill Avenue - $380,000

3. 14 Amsterdam Place - $549,600

4. 158 Lander Avenue - $390,000

5. 269 Hillman Avenue - $375,000

6. 245 Signs Road A - $370,000

7. 10 Greentree Lane A - $220,000

8. 280 Graham Avenue - $619,000 

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