Do you write?  Have you ever kept a diary or a journal?  Was English composition your favorite subject in school?  If you haven’t yet done much creative writing but would like to start, why don’t you try out Memoirs OutLOUD--a creative writing workshop at St. George Branch of the New York Public Library, 5 Central Ave. held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 10 a.m.  They will help you explore your potential with interesting exercises.  You can bring some of your work to share with the group and can work at your own pace.  No pressure, just fun and support.  You can come to every session, or drop in & out, according to your personal schedule.  Writing is good for the soul! 

Speaking of the New York Public Library (one of my favorites), I…

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Why You Should Stop Renting & Buy Today! | Keeping Current Matters

There are many young people debating whether they should renew the lease on their apartment or sign a contract to purchase their first home.

Housing Cost & Net Worth

Whether you rent or buy, you have a monthly housing cost.

As a buyer, you are paying YOUR mortgage.

Every mortgage payment is a form of what Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies calls “forced savings.”

“Since many people have trouble saving and have to make a housing payment one way or the other, owning a home can overcome people’s tendency to defer savings to another day.”

The principal portion of your mortgage payment helps build your net worth through building the equity you have in your home.

As a renter, you are paying YOUR…

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Slaying Myths About Buying A Home [INFOGRAPHIC] | Keeping Current Matters  

  • Interest Rates are still below historic numbers.
  • 88% of property managers raised their rent in the last 12 months.
  • Credit score requirements to be approved for a mortgage continue to fall. The 723 average score is the lowest since Ellie Mae began reporting on scores in August 2011.
  • The average first-time buyer down payment was 6% in 2015 according to NAR. 

 If you're curious about your home's market value, use our free Comparative Market Analysis tool! You'll get an instant home evaluation and even a free in-person assessment provided by one of our agents at your leisure.

Thanks to our friends at KCM for the awesome market information!

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Fannie Mae Introduces Home Purchase Sentiment Index | Keeping Current Matters

Earlier this month, Fannie Mae’s Economic & Strategic Research Group announced the launch of their Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI). The index will distill results from Fannie Mae’s consumer-focused National Housing Survey into a single, monthly, predictive indicator. According to Doug Duncan, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at Fannie Mae, the goal for the new index is simple:

“The Fannie Mae Home Purchase Sentiment Index provides the market a single number to track consumer attitudes focused on the housing market. Utilizing our National Housing Survey, the only consumer sentiment survey of its kind focused on housing, the HPSI will offer insights regarding current and future-looking housing market outcomes and will complement…

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The Importance of Home Equity to a Family | Keeping Current Matters

There has been much written about how dramatically home values have increased over the last several years. With the increase in values, comes an increase in the equity each home owning family now has. The Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University recently reported that, after taking inflation into account, aggregate home equity has increased 60% since 2010. Home equity is the major component of most family’s overall wealth.

Why is this so important?

Throughout history, families have tapped into their homes for many important reasons. Perhaps it was to get seed capital to start a new business; perhaps to help finance their children’s college education; perhaps to get needed medical attention not covered by insurance.

Up to ten…

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Credit Score Requirements LOWER As Interest Rates CREEP UP! [INFOGRAPHIC] | Keeping Current Matters

  • The average 30-year rate for all loans closed in August eclipsed 4.3% for the first time since October 2014.
  • The average FICO score for all closed loans in August reached a new yearly low at 724.
  • The average down payment of FHA loans closed was just 4%.

 If you're curious about your home's market value, use our free Comparative Market Analysis tool! You'll get an instant home evaluation and even a free in-person assessment provided by one of our agents at your leisure.

Thanks to our friends at KCM for the awesome market information!

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I met some of my gentle readers and friends I haven’t seen in quite some time at the “Optimism Strikes out Parkinson’s” Bowl-A-Thon on Sunday at Rab’s Country Lanes. The raffles were terrific and the bowlers were fantastic.  I just watched but remember how enjoyable it is to bowl (when you aren’t super competitive and just play to have fun).  Did you participate in the PUMPKIN SMASH last Saturday so the NYC Compost Project can turn them into compost for parks and green spaces?


PLEASE TELL YOUR CHILDREN OR NEIGHBORHOOD YOUTH:  AHRC NYC is offering the Young Adult Internship Program (YAIP).  If you are between the ages of 16-24, out of school, not employed, do not have a college education, call Anna, 718-662-1432 for more information.  You…

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In Observance of Veterans Day | Keeping Current Matters

Gillani Homes would like to take a minute to recognize and thank the wonderful men and women who risk so much to keep us all safe. 

Thank you for your service!


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A Brief History of Veterans Day (borrowed from “”)

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918. In legislation that was passed in 1938, November 11 was "dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as 'Armistice Day.'" As such, this new legal holiday honored World War I veterans.

In 1954, after having been through both World War II and the Korean War, the 83rd U.S. Congress -- at the urging of the veterans service organizations -- amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word "Armistice" and inserting the word "Veterans." With the approval of this legislation on June 1, 1954,…

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The Impact of Rising Prices on Home Appraisals | Keeping Current Matters

The fact that residential home prices are increasing substantially in most regions of the country is music to the ears of homeowners. However, if you are in the process of selling your home, make sure you realize the major challenge a hot real estate market creates.

Each house must be sold twice; once to a buyer and a second time to an appraiser who represents the bank that will grant the purchaser a mortgage to buy the home (unless it is an “all cash” purchase). In a real market with escalating prices, the second sale may be the more difficult. And a recent survey by Quicken Loans reveals that the gap between what a homeowner believes is the value of their home compared to an appraiser is widening.

This could lead to an increase in the…

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