Did you attend the 4th Annual Veterans Appreciation Day, the World Science Festival at CSI, watch any Movies Under the Stars or the 68th Annual Fence Show at Snug Harbor? Below are photos from the World Science Festival:

And the 68th Annual Fence Show:










People ask me, “How can I receive the “Weekend Events” blog.  If you enjoy reading my “Weekend Events on Staten Island” and would like to be my Facebook friend, you know what to do—friend request.  If you would prefer to be on my mailing list, please email joan.coogan@gmail.com or call or text me at 646-258-9696; I will forward it to you each week.  Nevertheless, please do me the honor of

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Did you attend the 5th Borough Comedy Festival, the Westerleigh Folk & Art Festival or the Fig Festival? Or did you take your children to Storymakers and Shakers at the West New Brighton Library, or the Intro to Seining, Stargazing or Nature Trivia at Clay Pits Pond?  Staten Island has many fun things to do.  If you just look around your neighborhoods, you will discover so many wonderful playgrounds, hiking paths, parks, museums to entertain you and your family every day of the week.  Read my blog; I will show you some interesting things to do from Wednesday to Sunday each week!

Following are some photos taken at the Westerleigh Festival.














And photos from the Fig…

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On this 17th anniversary of the events of September 11th, as I listen again to the 1010 WINS’ coverage of the memorial events of that fateful day, I remember tuning in to 1010 while getting ready for work when I heard the first reports of the plane crashing into the towers.  I immediately thought of my brother, Mark, who had been in the first bombing of the World Trade Center many years ago and who always arrived early to work downtown.  My son, Jeff, also always arrived early by ferry to downtown NYC.  When I heard another plane hit the Pentagon and then Shanksville, I thought of my sister, Fran, and her family living nearby in Somerset County, PA.  Cell phones were not working and we could not make contact with our loved ones.  As the terror unfolded, I…

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It’s back to school this week for most students after a long hot, hot, hot summer!  Please remind your kids to be aware of other children who may not feel comfortable starting a new school or a new class. Tell them to smile and be friendly. Let them know that it’s OK to be nervous and remind them to be kind to their fellow students—they may be nervous also! Bullying should never be tolerated! Remind them if they see something that doesn’t look or feel right, they should tell their teacher, parents or caregivers. I wish them all a successful, happy, safe school year!  Check out the first day of school pictures I unearthed from the 50's.  Big sister, Ellen; Me starting kindergarten leaving little brother, Mark, at home; cousin Tom Urgo with me starting 1st…

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