I pray you had a blessed Thanksgiving.  Here’s a picture of my turkey.  I know it doesn’t look like a Norma Rockwell painting, but it tasted great!


After praising the DSNY last week for promptly picking up leaves, the last two pick-ups have left the bags of leaves, as well as my recyclables, untouched in front of my house.  A few people on my block were served leaving the rest of us ignored. Bring back the bonfires!  I still have a lot to be thankful for, especially being physically able to rake the wet, heavy leaves without pain.  

Following are some photos at a recent event, Owning Reptiles as Pets, presented by the Metropolitan Herpetological Society at Clay Pit Ponds Visitors Center.  I have a feeling that my grandkiddies will have to…

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Thanksgiving is on Thursday!  Will you watch the Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV?  Will you host family and friends to celebrate the day?  Will you serve dinner to those who are less fortunate?  Do you feel fine just doing NOTHING and get annoyed with friends who insist you come to their house?!  Tell me what kind of side dishes you will cook; do you have a pasta dish, a specific cultural dish or multiple courses of food.  I’d love to know what your Thanksgiving Day table looks like—will you share pictures with me next week. 

Have you had a chance to enjoy FALL?  I have raked way too many leaves at this juncture but love the exercise. I thank the DSNY for their speedy pick up!  More photos of the FALL!

Did you participate in

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Have you had a chance to enjoy FALL?  I know you’ve probably been watching the leaves decorate your yard which, of course, leads to raking into many bags for pick-up, but I suggest walking in the park or on the street and watching the landscape change colors before the weather becomes too cold.  During the week, I ventured into nature and began capturing the beauty of Fall.  Check out the pictures of a young boy showing me his find--a salamander, worms, beetles and whatever else is in his container!  If you would like to share any photos you take, please do not hesitate to forward them.








Did you attend Pat Salmon’s presentation of The Vanderbilts: An Empire Founded on Staten Island at…

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A Brief History of Veterans Day (borrowed from “Military.com”)

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918. In legislation that was passed in 1938, November 11 was "dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as 'Armistice Day.'" As such, this new legal holiday honored World War I veterans.

In 1954, after having been through both World War II and the Korean War, the 83rd U.S. Congress -- at the urging of the veterans service organizations -- amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word "Armistice" and inserting the word "Veterans." With the approval of this legislation on June 1, 1954,…

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Did you bring your children to the Todt-Hill-Westerleigh Library to Found Objects Mask Making? Or take an Adult Afternoon Hike at the Greenbelt? Or take a Fall Foliage Tour at Snug Harbor?  I hope you attended the Staten Island Ferry Town Hall at Curtis High School or created a shelter from natural and man-made objects at Blue Heron Nature Center?  Following are photos taken at Gateway’s Harvest Festival.