YES, SPRING IS ON ITS WAY!  We have had ice, sleet, snow the last couple of days and weeks but also weather in the high 40’s.  Not your typical winter, I know, but it gives us some hope of warmth in the near future.  Of course, the other surprise was a quick snow storm which gave my grandkiddies a chance to shovel snow with their Dad and build a snowman.  See also the photos of the crocuses popping up all over and other signs of spring. 

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After the snow and sleet storm last week, I ventured out the next morning to start the cleanup.  Chopped ice on all the walkways, shoveled it away and spread some salt in the driveway hoping it would melt.  Most of it did; and before I went back inside, I sat on the porch, soaked in some vitamin D for 45 minutes and meditated.  It was so refreshing that I actually caught a second wind and started to clean my house!  How’s that for revitalizing oneself?


Did you participate in the Valentine’s Day 5K Run at Conference House Park or hike in one of the parks this week? There is so much to do outdoors on Staten Island especially with the changeable weather we have been having.  Get your boots on, bundle up and breathe the fresh air!  I learned how to…

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Did you get involved this week in your Community Board, neighborhood civic group, the PTA or any other organization where you can make a difference?  As a child, I learned from the example of my parents, relatives and friends to volunteer my services, get involved with church, school and/or neighborhood groups.   It seemed like the more I had on my plate and the busier I was in my life, the more I could accomplish.  I’m sure many of you feel the same.  We are all occupied with family, friends, health, work and our other issues which become overwhelming at times.  Somehow, I have found that when you help others, all those issues melt away.  My own opinion, of course!  

This week, my grandchildren came over, and we worked on Paper Crafting. (Thanks to

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Good news! Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow so that means an early Spring.  I hope he is right! 

Did you attend the Property Tax Exemption and Rent Freeze Enrollment Event sponsored by Senators Lanza and Savino, the Tenant, Home Owner and Landlord Resource Fair sponsored by Councilwoman Debi Rose or the Town Hall meeting hosted by North Shore Assemblyman Charles D. Fall?  You, my gentle readers, have the opportunity to attend Community Board meetings, neighborhood civic organizations or any of the forums where you can make a difference and become a part of changing the issues that you may be dealing with. If you did not attend but continue to complain about everything wrong with your neighborhood, taxes, rents, elected officials, etc., I…

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