This October 2015 there were 17 homes sold in Annadale.The hieghest selling price was $705,000,while the lowest selling price was $315,000.

Here is a list of all the address sold in Annadale this October:

1.163 Stafford Avenue
2.766 Woodrow Road
3.119 Kenilworth Avenue
4.64 Tenafly Place
5.24 N Railroad Street
6.11 Rae Avenue
7.282 Stafford Avenue
8.24 Monterey Avenue
9.76 Shotwell Avenue
10.25 Forrestal Avenue
11.84 Gary Street
12.34 Ibsen Avenue
13.28 Cheryl Avenue
14.94 Ladd Avenue
15.497 Arden Avenue
16.15 Challenger Drive
17.30 Regina Lane

As of today, November 3rd 2015, there are 43 active properties in Annadale.The Highest listing price of these properties is $1,200,000,while the lowest is $319,000.

Here is a list of all the address of the active listings in Annadale.

1.197 Stafford Avenue
2.291 Crown Avenue
3.572 Woodrow Road
4.90 Rathbun Avenue
5.130 Crown Avenue
6.710 Carlton Boulevard
7.1020 Arden Avenue
8.286 Jefferson Boulevard
9.280 Crown Avenue
10.24 Jeanette Avenue
11.175 Sinclair
12.114 Edgergrove Avenue
13.74 Covington Circle
14.185 Vineland Avenue
15.106 Edgegrove Avenue
16.110 Edgergrove Avenue
17.81 Ionia Avenue
18.124Fabian Street
19.133 Annadale Road
20.255 Vineland Avenue
21.76 Smyrna Avenue
22.970Annadale Road
23.85Forrestal Avenue
24.20 East Tenafly Avenue
25.75 Canton Avenue
26.60 Dierauf Street
27.41 Forrestal Avenue
28.65 Tynan Street
29.109 Alexander Avenue
30.4983 Amboy Road
31.199 Crossfield Avenue
32.1238 Arthur Kill Road
33.14 Benson Street
34.1774 Arthur Kill Road
35.506 Drumgoole Road W
36.39 Vineland Avenue
37.45 Wolcott Avenue
38.249 Edgegrove Avenue
39.136 End Place
40.10 Burchard Court
41.29 Chatham Street
42.151 Crossfield Avenue
43.16 Alexsandra Court

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