It's been over a year since the devestating Superstorm Sandy hit our Staten Island shores. while much progess has been made to rebuild, many homeowners throughout the beach communities have not been able to return to their homes. Thankfully, state buyout plans are currently expanding to additional neighborhoods. With previous success in areas like Oakwood Beach, it is the state's intention to buyout additional storm dagamed, flood zoned areas so that they may return to nature.

The most recent extention of the program is in Ocean Breeze. From Naughton to Seaview Avenue, and Quincy to Oceanside Avenue, rougly 129 homes are eligible for the program. Homeowners looking to opt-in to the buyout can expect full pre-storm value for their properites. Typically the figure runs in the range of $400,000. In addition to the market value of their homes, owners will recieve and additional incentive if they relocate elsewhere on Staten Island.

There is a possibility that the program will expand even further. Governer Cumo urgred residents to voice their need in order to keep the decision up to each community in question. According to The Staten Island Advance, 20 homes in Ocean Breeze were destroyed with only 30 of the remaining 109 homes occupied. 

While this program has been moving forward, "Build It Back" has also been moving closer to reality. For those who want to sell their homes but do not reside within the areas designated for buyout, the "Build It Back" program offers a solution. The city and state are working together and using funds from the state's designated recovery fund. Homeowners will have the option of aquisitions, rebuilding, elevating, repairing, and reimbursement. Priority will be given to those with lower incomes and more substantial damage, but every qualfying applicant will be given some assitance. After an assement of the damage, the city will take into consideration how much aid money the applicant has already received before awarding addition funds.

These two programs are well on their way to helping Staten Island bounce back.Residents will begin their search to find new homes on Staten Island. We at Gillani Homes are eager to help you find the perfect home for a fresh new start.

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