If the time is drawing near to put your home on the market and start welcoming prospective buyers in to take a look, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, remember that this is someone who will live in this house. It is hard to separate the fact that it is your home, but the buyers you speak to will be just as fervent and emotionally invested one day as you are now so it’s important to take every question seriously and work with them to ensure they are happy with the purchase. 

Here are three common questions you are likely to hear from prospective buyers that you’d better be ready to answer. Keep in mind that you may not be home when a buyer looks at your home, but this is information you will want to share with your agent as well in case they are asked the questions on your behalf. 

  • Why Are You Selling?

There are a number of reasons this question might come up. More often than not, the buyer wants to know if you are motivated. If you are moving because you want a change of scenery, then there is no rush and they are less likely to get a good deal and may move on quickly. If you are moving because of a new job you just got or because of a loss of income, then the situation is more urgent and they will pursue the line of questioning more intensely. 

  • What Is the Neighborhood Like?

Most buyers will spend a lot of time looking at the neighborhood, checking the area and ensuring that they are happy with the schools, crime rates, walking scores and whatever else is nearby. Yet they might still ask for your impression, either to flesh out information about neighbors or just to see if you are honest in your assessments. Be ready to answer the question fairly and with specifics.

  • How Old Is....?

You’re going to get questions about things like furnaces, water heaters, roofs and other major appliances and their age. If you know the answer, you have to answer. If you don’t, you may be asked to supply previous owner information. In any of these cases, be as honest as possible and if something is old, make sure you show how you’ve taken care of it in the interim. 

Be ready to answer all of these questions (and many more) and you’ll have a much easier, and less stressful time when people start to visit and inspect your home.

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