I pray you had a blessed Thanksgiving.  Here’s a picture of my turkey.  I know it doesn’t look like a Norma Rockwell painting, but it tasted great!


After praising the DSNY last week for promptly picking up leaves, the last two pick-ups have left the bags of leaves, as well as my recyclables, untouched in front of my house.  A few people on my block were served leaving the rest of us ignored. Bring back the bonfires!  I still have a lot to be thankful for, especially being physically able to rake the wet, heavy leaves without pain.  

Following are some photos at a recent event, Owning Reptiles as Pets, presented by the Metropolitan Herpetological Society at Clay Pit Ponds Visitors Center.  I have a feeling that my grandkiddies will have to make some difficult decisions about which reptile they will own as pets.  Their hermit crabs may be a bit jealous!



Did you shop on Small Business Saturday and support your small local businesses? Did you attend the Annadale Christmas Tree Lighting or the Thanksgiving Kitchen Tours at Historic Richmond Town or brought the family to South Beach Library for Family Finger Painting? That sounds like a whole lot of fun and can perhaps be a new family tradition!

The day after Thanksgiving, I ventured through Snug Harbor and discovered a colorful display being installed for the NYC Winter Lantern Festival.  See Wednesday’s schedule of events for details!