Did you register your child for the Zimmer Club’s 2019 Winter Youth, accompany your teen to the Staten Island NAACP 9th Annual HBCU Experience College Fair 2019, enroll in one of the classes at Staten Island MakerSpace or attend the Exhibit Opening of the “Sons and Daughters of Italy: The Fashions and Faces of the Regions of Italy” at the Garibaldi-Meuicci Museum?  

Whatever you did, after the extremely low temperatures rose to 29 degrees, did you feel like you were warm again?  I actually wore long-johns to warm these old bones last week--something I haven't done in many years.  It was a relief for a brief moment as we anticipate snow, ice, etc. this week!

I participated in a Paper Crafting class at the H.H. Biddle House in Conference House Park with the affable and talented Stephanie Parello instructing the class on the “ins and outs” of paper weaving techniques.  While the 8 year old participant finished the first art piece in no time (putting the adults to shame) the second free-style craft took a little more patience that the adults seemed to excel in!  Nevertheless, I accomplished something quite pretty in terms of color and composition. The class takes place on Saturday from 2-2:30.  To register for this class and/or receive updates, email Stephanie.Parello@parks.nyc.gov. Below are photos of our masterpieces along with the snowflakes on the windows from a previous workshop. 









The Exhibit Opening of the “Sons and Daughters of Italy: The Fashions and Faces of the Regions of Italy” was delightful with "Portraits by William Castello and Biographies by Marianna Randazzo". The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum was the home of Antonio Meucci, the true inventor of the telephone, and a refuge to Giuseppe Garibaldi, the legendary hero who championed the unification of Italy. The Museum's mission is to preserve the legacies of these men and to promote understanding of the Italian-American heritage through cultural, artistic and educational Programs and classes.  Visit Garibaldimeuccimuseum.org for more information and events.  Following are photos from the opening.