Did you get involved this week in your Community Board, neighborhood civic group, the PTA or any other organization where you can make a difference?  As a child, I learned from the example of my parents, relatives and friends to volunteer my services, get involved with church, school and/or neighborhood groups.   It seemed like the more I had on my plate and the busier I was in my life, the more I could accomplish.  I’m sure many of you feel the same.  We are all occupied with family, friends, health, work and our other issues which become overwhelming at times.  Somehow, I have found that when you help others, all those issues melt away.  My own opinion, of course!  

This week, my grandchildren came over, and we worked on Paper Crafting. (Thanks to Stephanie Parello of the Paper Crafting workshop at H.H. Biddle House for giving me some inspiration with the snowflakes your participants made.)  I cut out a bunch of red construction paper hearts.  When the kiddies arrived, I asked them if they wanted to make designer hearts.  I told them to fold it anyway they wanted and to cut into designs.  They were excited and even used white paper as backing or alone into hearts.  Below are some of the heart crafts we hung on the windows.  We had a grand time, and they were proud of their artwork.







I attended the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration at Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Saturday.  What a delight!  I made an origami pig, tried calligraphy writing my own wishes for the New Year—Longevity, Fortune and Double Happiness, watched the children as they danced, made lanterns, folded paper gift containers, ate traditional Chinese food, participated in the Parade, led by the Dragons and Drummers from the Shaolin Kung Fu Temple, to the Chinese Scholar’s Garden and then back again for traditional dessert and tea. Below are photos from this event.