After the snow and sleet storm last week, I ventured out the next morning to start the cleanup.  Chopped ice on all the walkways, shoveled it away and spread some salt in the driveway hoping it would melt.  Most of it did; and before I went back inside, I sat on the porch, soaked in some vitamin D for 45 minutes and meditated.  It was so refreshing that I actually caught a second wind and started to clean my house!  How’s that for revitalizing oneself?


Did you participate in the Valentine’s Day 5K Run at Conference House Park or hike in one of the parks this week? There is so much to do outdoors on Staten Island especially with the changeable weather we have been having.  Get your boots on, bundle up and breathe the fresh air!  I learned how to make Maple Syrup from tap to table at Clay Pit Ponds on Saturday. I was chosen to tap the spile into the Red Maple tree and all participants were able to taste fresh maple syrup at the end of the demonstration.  This program continues during the cold below-freezing winter weather. Call 718-605-3970 x201 to confirm. Below are some photos from the workshop which included measuring the tree, drilling a tap hole, tapping the spile into the hole and hooking up the bucket with lid on top.














I celebrated the Tibetan Losar (New Year) at the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art on Sunday.  We dined on a Tibetan style lunch--momos (dumplings) and hearty noodle dishes and enjoyed a discussion led by Tenzin Yeshi who shared stories of her Tibetan traditions and life in India.  She also introduced the book she wrote and illustrated, “My Tibetan Losar”.  If you have never been to the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, the lovely Samadhi Garden and surrounds, add it to your list of places to visit soon. See their website info and special events and classes offered:  Below are photos from the celebration.