It’s back to school this week for most students after a long hot, hot, hot summer!  Please remind your kids to be aware of other children who may not feel comfortable starting a new school or a new class. Tell them to smile and be friendly. Let them know that it’s OK to be nervous and remind them to be kind to their fellow students—they may be nervous also! Bullying should never be tolerated! Remind them if they see something that doesn’t look or feel right, they should tell their teacher, parents or caregivers. I wish them all a successful, happy, safe school year!  Check out the first day of school pictures I unearthed from the 50's.  Big sister, Ellen; Me starting kindergarten leaving little brother, Mark, at home; cousin Tom Urgo with me starting 1st grade.  The school bags actually look like brief cases!  Do you have any pictures from the first day of school that you'd like to share--past or present?


Labor Day weekend was also hot and humid.  However, if you were at the Richmond County Fair at Historic Richmond Town, you enjoyed the FREE samples of Lactaid, a tasty ice cream which should be put on your shopping list, or the many different contests, activities, musical performances, free entry to the museums, reenactments and demonstrations and vendors selling everything imaginable.  This year, the children’s ticket included free rides, as well.  I know that was a plus for the kiddies and parents.  Many people stopped by to say “Hi” to our team at the Gillani Homes booth and took a chance on the Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket House. Thank you, my new gentle readers, for signing up to receive my Weekend Events Blog.  Below are photos of visitors to our booth.