Last week, I was kvetching about shoveling snow and how I was looking for angels to help me clear my sidewalks and driveway.  You will recall how three entrepreneurial New Brighton teenagers were mentioned in a Staten Island Advance article.  Instead of hanging out watching TV or playing video games and being unproductive, these three teens hit the streets and started shoveling. 

Well, today was another nasty Monday morning that greeted the Northeast with snow and sleet.  I quickly shoveled the sidewalk when I realized that maybe it was not a good idea as the icy rain continued.  Would it become more hazardous to walk on if I shoveled and it continued to rain?  Since my Sweathogs training was still on for this morning at the Staten Island Board of Realtors, I knew I couldn't let my team down so made a concerted effort to attend. 

Would I be able to get my car up the steep driveway in the snow and ice without shoveling?  I made it halfway when I got stuck on a patch of ice--drove forward and backward to no avail.  Finally, I got out, shoveled underneath, in the back and in the front of where I was stuck.  On second try, my car made it to the street.  I attended my training and on the return trip was greeted by ice on all sidewalks and roads.  Keeping my car in second gear, I cautiously made it home safely.  The ruts I had made in the snow in the morning had turned into ice ruts.  The car went in the garage, and I began to work on the shoveling.

Where were those three teens from my blog last week?  Where were the angels, I asked?  Just then two young men were standing in front of me and asked if I needed help.  OK!  Jacob Paneto, a recent graduate of Curtis High School and Jahlil Harvell, a student at IS 61, began the backbreaking job of chopping the ice and clearing it from my walkway.  After that, they worked on the driveway and finished up with spreading salt to hopefully melt whatever is to come next.

These teens happily worked as a team, and we negotiated a fair price at the completion of their job.  I want to publicly thank Jacob and Jahlil for helping me today.  There are good people here in New Brighton, and I am glad I made their acquaintance on such a stressful day.  Kudos to you, Jacob and Jahlil!

Posted by Joan Coogan on


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Congratulations to Jacob & Jahlil for being so helpful & enterprising! There was a time when u could find young men or women willing to shovel snow & chop ice for a decent price. Now it is almost impossible to find anyone willing to do this job. There are many elderly, handicap or simply people who cannot leave their home to go out & shovel snow. (Like a parent who cannot leave their child/children indoors alone)I wish there were more responsible teens like Jacob & Jahlil. Thank you also for helping a neighbor!

Posted by Janet Jemec on Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 4:58am

Thank you, Janet, for your comments. I was very fortunate. As we will be having probably another 6 weeks (hopefully) of winter, I hope to see Jacob and Jahlil and others, following their example, out in the snow helping their neighbors.

Posted by Joan Coogan on Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 9:06am

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