Elm Park - Staten Island, NY

Elm Park refers to a small neighborhood at the west side of the greater Port Richmond area. The neighborhood was once known as Jacksonville, then Lowville, but was finally named after the abundance of elm trees in the area. Elm Park is bordered to the west by New York State Route 440, leading to the Bayonne Bridge. There have been talks of building a Park and Ride for commuters heading to New Jersey, but so far there is too much opposition for the project to begin. Education options directly within Elm Park include P.S. 20, P.S. 21, and Port Richmond High School, while P.S. 19, P.S. 22, P.S. 44, and I.S. 51 all lie just a few blocks away. Elm Park is served by the S40, S44, S89, S90, S94 local city buses.

Restaurants and Entertainment in Elm Park

1. Elm Park Inn 238 Morningstar Road  Since 1982 the Elm Park Inn has been an icon on Staten Island. From great scenery to great food, this place is a work of class and a symbol of old school Staten Island. Read reviews here.

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets Near Elm Park

1. Pathmark 1351 Forest Avenue

2. Big Time Produce 1361 Forest Avenue

3. Richmond African Market 271 Port Richmond Avenue

Parks Near Elm Park

1. Clove Lakes Park 1150 Clove Road  Clove Lakes Park is a public and historical park. It has a rich natural history, and is a peaceful, family friendly place to play! Other areas surrounding Clove Lakes Park include Castleton Corners, Clove Lake, Concord, Elm Park, Mariner’s Harbor, Port Richmond, Sunset Hill, West Brighton, Westerleigh, Emerson Hill, Manor Heights. For more information about park events, visit www.nycgovparks.org/parks/clove-lakes-park or call (718) 390-8000

2. Willowbrook Park 1 Eton Place This city park features a lake with canoeing, a butterfly garden, a carousel, and tons of seasonal festivals for the family! Other areas surrounding Willowbrook Park include Bloomfield, Castleton Corners, Elm Park, Graniteville, Bullshead, Heartland Village, Manor Heights, New Springville, and Willowbrook.  For more information about park events, visit www.nycparks.org/parks/willowbrook-park or call (718) 698-2186

3. Westerleigh ParkSpringfield Avenue Westerleigh Park offers a square block of shady, comfortable, recreational area right in the heart of the Westerleigh neighborhood! Other areas surrounding Westerleigh Park include Elm Park, Graniteville, Mariner’s Harbor, and Westerleigh. There are local events happening in this park all the time. For more information about park events, visit www.westerleighpark.com