Woodrow is the name given to the western-most part of Huguenot near the south shore of Staten Island. It is bordered by Arden Heights, Annadale, Prince’s Bay, and Rossville. In 1771, the first Methodist church in the New York City area was opened here, known today as the Woodrow United Methodist Church. Residents of Woodrow can enjoy the neighborhood’s beautiful scenery and easy commuting via the Korean War Veterans Parkway or the West Shore Expressway. Many homes here are newly developed, medium-sized, and provide comfortable living without feeling squeezed in. Nearby schools are P.S. 4, P.S. 56, and I.S. 75. Public transportation routes include the local S56 bus and X23/X24 express buses.

Restaurants and Entertainment in Woodrow

1. Woodrow Diner Woodrow Shopping Plaza, 655 Rossville Avenue  Classic diner serving traditional American comfort foods. Read reviews here.

2. Tomo 4561 Amboy Road  This petite restaurant serves traditional fare such as sushi, teriyaki, and hibachi dishes. 

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets Near Woodrow

1. Christophers Food Mart 645 Rossville Avenue

2. Lucky Farm 655 Rossville Avenue

Parks Near Woodrow

1. Bloomingdale Park Bloomingdale Road A 138-acre park with a playground and lots of open, traditional park space! Other areas surrounding Bloomingdale Park include Huguenot, Annadale, Arden Heights, Charleston, Pleasant Plains, Prince’s Bay, and Rossville.For more information about park events, visit www.nycparks.org/parks/bloomingdale-park or call (718) 585-7117.

2. Wolfe’s Pond Park 420 Cornelia Avenue  This multifunctional park has a beach, dog park, a soccer field, hockey field, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, and much more! It’s one of the largest parks on Staten Island! Other areas surrounding Wolfe’s Pond Park include Huguenot, Annadale, Arden Heights, Great Kills, Eltingville, Prince’s Bay, Rossville, and Woodrow. For more information about park events, visit www.nycparks.org/parks/wolfes-pond-park or call (718) 984-8266.

3. Lemon Creek Park Prince’s Bay A fun park/beach with freshwater and a breathtaking view. Other areas surrounding Lemon Creek Park include Huguenot, Charleston, Prince’s Bay, Rossville, and Woodrow. For more information about park events, visit www.nycgovparks.com/parks/lemon-creek-park or call (212) 639-9675.