Clove Lake - Staten Island, NY

Clove Lake is named for the lake which it borders, and is also called Sunnyside. It was formerly known as Clovenia and Clove Valley, since it lies at the base of Grymes Hill and Todt Hill. This neighborhood is very small in area, but is considered cozy, and is home to many longstanding small businesses. The lake itself is beautiful and the park is large and is often used for many fundraisers and sponsored events. Notable businesses in this area are the Lake House, a fine dining establishment situated on the lake, and the WWII Veterans Memorial Ice Skating Rink, open during the winter months. Public transportation through the Clove Lake area includes the local S53, S61, S62, S66, S91, S92, and S93 buses, as well as the X14 and X30 express buses. The nearest schools are P.S. 35 and the Petrides School, but many others can be found just a short distance away in West Brighton, Port Richmond, or Manor Heights.

Restaurants And Entertainment In Clove Lake

1. Stone House 1150 Clove Road  Romantic getaway restaurant with world class catering and services. Read reviews here.

Parks Near Clove Lake

1. Clove Lakes Park 1150 Clove Road  Clove Lakes Park is a public and historical park. It has a rich natural history, and is a peaceful, family friendly place to play! Other communities near Clove Lakes Park include Castleton Corners, Concord, Elm Park, Mariner's Harbor, Port Richmond, Sunset Hill, West Brighton, Westerleigh, Emerson Hill, and Manor Heights. For more information about park events, visit or call (718) 390-8000.