Westerleigh - Staten Island, NY

Westerleigh refers to the area south of Elm Park and east of Graniteville. It was first called Prohibition Park and was a main gathering place during the Prohibition movement of the late 19th century. While the land is not as elevated as some of the hills around the island, on a clear day, Westerleigh offers views of Newark, New Jersey and beyond. The neighborhood is also known for its wide variety and abundance of trees. Single family homes in this area are priced well below the average in surrounding areas. Nearby schools include P.S. 30, I.S. 51, Susan Wagner High School, and Port Richmond High School. There are also numerous local and express bus routes that service the area.

Restaurants and Entertainment in Westerleigh

1. Jimmy Max 280 Watchogue Road Jimmy Max is a family friendly restaurant and bar offering great food in a welcoming atmosphere. They offer a free children's pizza making lesson with an adult entree or pizza purchase on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5pm-7:30pm. Read reviews here.

2. Cafe Del Mondo 2530 Victory Boulevard Casual Italian Restaurant with a full bar. Serving classic and exquisite Italian dishes for lunch and dinner since 1991. Read reviews here.

3. Lunchbox 1612 Forest Avenue Hip joint serving unique sandwiches, hot dogs, and quirky sides amid street art inspired decor. Read reviews here.

Parks Near Westerleigh

1. Clove Lakes Park 1150 Clove Road  Clove Lakes Park is a public and historical park. It has a rich natural history, and is a peaceful, family friendly place to play! Other areas surrounding Clove Lakes Park include Castleton Corners, Clove Lake, Concord, Elm Park, Mariner’s Harbor, Port Richmond, Sunset Hill, West Brighton, Emerson Hill, Manor Heights. For more information about park events, visit www.nycgovparks.org/parks/clove-lakes-park or call (718) 390-8000.

2. Lemon Creek Park Prince’s Bay A fun park/beach with freshwater and a breathtaking view. Other areas surrounding Lemon Creek Park include Huguenot, Charleston, Prince’s Bay, Rossville, and Woodrow. For more information about park events, visit www.nycgovparks.com/parks/lemon-creek-park or call (212) 639-9675.